MTLL Contact Information

Updated Wednesday October 31, 2018 by Macomb Township Little League Baseball.

MTLL is a volunteer run organization. We use email as our main form of communication with the league. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

 Address & Rain Out Lines

 MTLL Address

 51194 Romeo Plank Rd. #306 | Macomb, MI | 48042

 General Info Email

 Macomb Corners  Rain Out Line

 MTLL rents fields from the township. They will call  rain outs based on their field conditions.

 (586) 992-2909

 Shelby Township

 Rain Out Line

 Inter-League games on Shelby Township fields will  call rain outs based on their field conditions.

 (586) 726-4556

School Fields Rain Out

Cheyenne, Fox, Iroquois, Ojibwa, Seneca, Sequoyah, Shawnee, Dakota Freshman

Online at and emails / texts


 MTLL Executive Board



 Don Gusse

 Vice President

 Andy Gittler

 Operations Director

 Brendan Deane

 Finance Director

 Robert Winiarski

 Communications Director

 Rich Lochbiler

 IT Director

 Joe Valenti

 Safety Director

 Jason Boss

 Coaching Director

 Ron Knight

 Player Agent

 Charlie Pipp


 MTLL League Coordinators


 Equipment Coordinator

 Dave Dyki

 Field Maintenance Coordinator

 Tony Arini

 Tournament Coordinator

 Bill Feeny

 Uniform Coordinator

 Mary Bozinovski

 Trophy/Awards Coordinator

 Jason Boss

 Photography Coordinator

 Jen Lusk

 Social Media Coordinator

 Robert Leduc

 Evaluation Coordinator

 Lawrence Woods

 Fundraising Coordinator

 Special Events Coordinator

















 MTLL Division Coordinators


 Tee Ball

 Joe Rudy, Joe Wenzloff

 Coach Pitch

 Joe Rudy, Joe Wenzloff


 Jim Wilson


 Executive Board


 Executive Board


 Executive Board